BOOK REVIEW: Afterlife by Marcus Sakey  

BOOK REVIEW: Afterlife by Marcus Sakey

Thomas & Mercer, 2017

[Source: Marcus Sakey]

Curious about fiction portraying parallel universes, time travel and life after death, I looked forward to reading Afterlife. Sakey has many fans from his previous books. The online reviews of Afterlife were mostly positive.

The book itself

Sakey’s prose was solid, a well-crafted book full of intriguing ideas. The layered afterlife was well-developed and kept me reading.

The two main characters could’ve been more fully actualized for a better read. The romantic connection felt like a device to serve the plot. Readers want adventure; they also want to believe in the characters, even become the characters, and follow them through the story for a fuller experience.

I’m glad I read the book. His fans won’t be disappointed.

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