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Archive for August 2017

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To (continue) celebrating the Shelter of Leaves one-year anniversary, I have written an e-book of short stories that you can download for free after joining my mailing list! To join the list, visit my website at You’ll then receive an email with the e-book download! Then, let me know what you think of the short…

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BOOK REVIEW: Afterlife by Marcus Sakey  

BOOK REVIEW: Afterlife by Marcus Sakey Thomas & Mercer, 2017 Curious about fiction portraying parallel universes, time travel and life after death, I looked forward to reading Afterlife. Sakey has many fans from his previous books. The online reviews of Afterlife were mostly positive. The book itself Sakey’s prose was solid, a well-crafted book full of…

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Celebrating Goodreads’ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Week

While discussing post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction with an academic writer, he asked if I’d read any of John Wyndham’s works. I had not. My friend recommended The Day of the Triffids. This book was considered one of the earliest books published in the genre. What I learned In 1925 Wyndham began writing short stories. In…

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