Ten Mistakes in World Building

I recently watched a YouTube video entitled “Ten Mistakes in World Building,” created by Ellen Brock. I myself have made a list of ten mistakes. Do you have anything to add? Leave a comment or let me know on my Facebook page.

Ten Mistakes in World Building

1. Religion – Usually only Christian tradition. Only cultural practices of one religion. Not usually realistic in a culture.

2. Education – Character jumps into a career without any education. Not realistic. Needs schools that train skills for what they’re preparing to do.

3. History – Need to talk about what made things the way they are at the book’s beginning. How did everything come about?

4. Medical Care – Inconsistent. What makes things heal?

5. Food – Invented food, so what does it taste like? Sweet and spicy, etc. Are all people eating chicken? Also, if all cultures are eating the same thing that’s not good. Food isn’t the same everywhere.

6. Technology – It’s invented and works to apply to one thing only, rather than more available to others.

7. Slang, colloquial phrases – Avoid phrases that don’t fit with with the times.

8. Weather – Not explained. Is it cold? Hot? No explanation of how it it affects other races and/or creatures.

9. Voices of creatures – They all sound the same. Not natural.

10. Creatures and animals – Only magical creatures, so, need to introduce non-magical creatures at the same time. Never have just one kind.

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